It has come to our attention that some people are experiencing regular disconnects and even long downtime periods. The server is actually working fine, so the problem must be somewhere in the tubes. If at some point you can't connect to the website/game, please download this simple tool: (click on ""). It requires no installation.

1. Start the program.
2. Uncheck "Resolve names" in Options (important!)
3. Put "" as Host
4. Click 'Start'
5. Wait for about 1 minute for it to gather the results.
6. Click 'Export text' and save them into a text file.
7. Next time you can visit the website, post the contents of the file in this topic, between the code tags (for formatting)

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Huge apologies everyone for today's downtime! One of our IP addresses had suddenly died (still clearing this up with our server provider).
Please let us know if you would like to cancel any CWs or duels that were started before the server went offline.

EDIT: Apparently there was a massive DDoS attack (over 6 Gb/s!) and one of our IP addresses was automatically blocked. The provider has added more protection and everything should be back to normal now.

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We're working on user interface in the HTML5 version and it would be a very appropriate time to ask for your suggestions.

Here are the areas we're covering this time:
Buying and moving units
End game screen
Functionalities of the above items

Here's what's NOT covered:
Rally points and waypoints for units

Don't forget to upvote other people's suggestions - we will look at the numbers to see what's popular and should have more priority.


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Completely randomly as always, we decided to make this week a discount week. Starting today and until Dec. 7th you get a chance to grab your Premium features at half price! Have fun!

On a completely unrelated note, congratulations to Illyria, Mystical Society and State of Mind - the top three medal-winning coalitions last season. Also I'd like to remind that from the current season onward the limit is raised to 30 games. Cheers!

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There's been a lot of talk about SP farming and maps/scenarios that encourage it. About SP being devalued because of certain scenarios (for example, UN games). Well, in collaboration with Moderators, we have devised a system to balance SP earning. Both maps and scenarios now have SP multipliers that can be set by Moderators to 0% - 150%. But default, currently, all maps and scenarios are set to 100%.

If both map and scenario have multipliers, they are applied separately - for example, if both have SP multiplier of 150%, the total for the game will be 225% (150*150/100). If the map multiplier is 25% and the scenario multiplier is 150%, the total will be 37.5% (25*150/100). If one of them is 0%, the total will always be 0% (no SP earning at all).

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After many pages of discussions, it's been decided to implement the following tweaks to strategies, in order to improve their balance:

Iron Fist: Reduced the Air/Naval Transports' -3 range nerf to -2.
Great Combinator: Reduced the -3 defense/attack nerf for Infantry and Tanks to -2.
Relentless Attack: Reduced Tanks cost by 10.
Hybrid Warfare: Removed the Air/Naval Transport nerfs and reduced Infantry cost by 15.
All: Removed the -2 defense for Helicopters against Bombers.

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It's now possible to block certain players from joining games you started and games based on your maps/scenarios. Apparently, there has been a lot of trolling, which is especially frustrating for scenarios that require a certain amount of players.

Additionally, website and game ignore lists have finally been merged, so ignoring a player on the website will work in the chat as well. Ignore/ban currently has to be done through the website, /ignore doesn't work anymore and the buttons have been removed from the player info.

You can manage your personal banlist in your profile (look for "Banlist" in the submenu).

Changing game settings during the game

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Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer translators, we have now added 5 new languages:
  • Czech
  • Finnish
  • Hindi
  • Romanian
  • Serbo-Croatian

    With the new website about 150 new phrases have been added - they need to be translated into all the languages we have. If you're rank 5+, fluent in another language and want to help, go here to contribute your translations. Cheers!

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    IMPORTANT: please clear your browser cache (Ctrl+F5) - otherwise the new website won't be displayed properly.

    After months of work and weeks of testing, the new HTML5 website is now live! Most of the things just got a modern facelift, but there are also a few cool new features to highlight:

  • The site now gracefully scales down to tablet and mobile resolutions.

  • Private messages got a complete revamp and now operate similarly to Facebook messaging.

  • It's now possible to create custom headers for user profiles and coalitions.

  • User profiles got a serious makeover, with tabs, more info and a dashboard (which will be expanded to include more useful stuff in the near future).

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    Hi everyone! As many of you know we're actively working on an HTML5 version of atWar, which will allow full integration with the website and be able to run on all platforms and devices equipped with a modern browser.

    Well, we're happy to announce that stage 1, the website, is pretty much ready and we're going to launch it very soon, after you guys test it a bit. Use this link to access the new website and feel free to roam around, doing your usual (and unusual) stuff.

    Most of what you will see is a simple layout update, but there are a few places that went through proper overhaul, like PM, coalition and user profiles (hey, check out the customized headers!).

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