4.10 - Coalition Wars

Coalition Wars (CW) is a kind of team game, where instead of teams you have Coalitions. Only two coalitions can participate, minimum 3 players on each side, and a Leader or an Officer must be present on each side. Coalition war game has to be created by a Leader of an Officer in the Coalition Wars room.

Elo rating
Similar to duels, there's a Total Elo rating and Season Elo rating. During a Colition war game the winning coalition will gain Elo and the losing coalition will lose the same amount. The amount depends on the difference between the coalitions' Elo ratings.

Seasons correspond to the year's seasons: Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn. Winter season starts on the 1st of December, Spring on the 1st of March and so on. Season Elo is reset to 1000 in the beginning of each season (Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn). The coalitions are then ranked according to the games they played during the season and the Season Elo rating.

Please be warned that there will be a harsh penalty for trying to exploit the Elo system (creating dummy Coalitions and farming Elo).


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