I am pleased to announce that after some time both Blitzkrieg and Relentless Attack have been nerfed.

The nerf RA received is -1 range for militia and + 20 cost for bombers, while Blitz nerf includes -1 range and +10 cost to militia.
On the side note Master of Stealth has been buffed for some time now, so the new stats for infantry now include -1 for attack but +1 for defense.

On the side note as the season continues, the team has been working on some interesting new gameplay additions and will be added soon, so stay tuned!


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June's Map Promotion will be:

*drumroll please*

Recently released days ago, this map won May's map competition and was rewarded June's map promotion on top of a few other things.

For the entire month of June (plus some), Adog's Competitive Ancient will be playable by EVERYONE; Premium or not.

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Here are the winners for May's Map Competition! With over 30 participants, this was a tough decision. While first, second, and third place may get to reap the rewards; Every participant will be wanted for future events and news articles.

Thank you to all who participated.

[center]First Place

Professor Adog

Adog's Competitive Ancient

With already 100+ Plays after being released just days ago, Adog put a lot of work into this map- and it has definitely paid off.

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Pictured is Cynical vs. Epic Clan

= = = THIRD EDITION: June 4TH, 2020 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Overview of what has happened
Section 2: Illyria loses lead
Section 3: Epic Clan - Mystics merge
Section 4: Epic Clan revival
Section 5: Order of The Emperor disbands
Section 6: Relax, it's just a joke!
Section 7: Best players this season
Section 8: Tribute to lower elo clans
Section 9: Congradulations!
Section 10: Word from the Editor

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I told you a little while ago that I was working on a system to earn PCs for the games you play... now it's here!

As of now, you can earn ProtoCoins just for playing... the more SP you earn, the more ProtoCoins you earn.

Even if you lose or surrender the game. you can still earn ProtoCoins. (No ProtoCoins will be given if you abandon or are kicked from the game.)

More Ways to earn ProtoCoins
  • Watch the Global Chat for announcements about PC Drop games hosted by our Supporter Team, from time to time.
  • Some games have a random PC bonus if you win, in addition to any other PCs you earned.
  • Play a tournament, many of which offer PC awards to the winner(s). Watch the Tournaments forum to find one.

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All players will now automatically get 300 SP per day, just for being online in atWar. Log in every day and you'll get upto 9300 bonus SP per month!

To get the bonus, all you have to do is come online at any point during the day. You don't have to login/logout... just be online. That's it.

On a related note, we are no longer giving out the "3 day free premium" promo to accounts that have been inactive more than 30 days. While well-intentioned, this basically had the opposite effect... it motivated people NOT to come online for 30 days, just so they could get the 3 days of premium at the end. I hope the daily bonus will help motivate people to actually come online instead.

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Map Competition

Attention all Cartographers!

June's map promotion will be done through a map competition. Here's how it will work:

How to participate:
Message Alois that you are participating.

The map can be in any genre and be any size; As long as it is done by June 9th.

You have till June 9th to complete EVERYTHING on your map. Best map wins (Staff will be judging these maps)

What areas of maps will be judged on:

● Balanced units
--> Units must not be OP, or just randomly put in there. There must be reasoning for these units.

● Balanced economies
--> This ties to the balance of the map as a whole, if one economy is better than every other, then it's considered a rigged map- Unless of course there is a purpose for it.

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This month's map will be kind of special. I'll explain below.

May's map to be promoted will be:

Any map that is promoted, ALL players get to play that map aslong as it is promoted. Even non-premium players.

With this map being promoted- It is perfect to host a little tournament to compete for a trophy.

To participate in this tournament, you must be in an coalition- As this will be Clan Wars based.

For each clan war that you win with this map, you will gain 1 point. At the end of the month, these points will be added up for each clan, trophies will be handed out for 1st-3rd place.

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As you know, our Head Moderator Brianwl has been somewhat inactive recently due to IRL events. Therefore I have asked Sid to temporarily take over Brian's duties until Brian returns to being active. To be fair to the community we need someone in charge to sort out disputes and make decisions, and Sid has kindly agreed to do this. To accomplish this task Sid has been promoted to Admin, and will have the same authority as Brian in all matters.

Brian is well and we look forward to him coming back active as soon as he can.... he will still be in charge of community relations and advocating on Waffel's behalf, as soon as he's ready. ❤️

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I'm pleased to announce Eagle has been promoted to admin. He is in charge of our new Game Meta Team. He will be in charge of all decisions effecting the gameplay and future direction of the game meta... this includes (but is not limited to) strategies, units, upgrades, and new in-game features to be developed.

Previously Garde was leading this area, before it really existed as it's own team. However since he stepped back from being active, the responsibility for game meta became unclear as we had various people from the Implementors group and from the Supporter Team attempting to help out. From this day forward, Game Meta will be the sole responsibilty of Eagle and his team only.

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Please welcome our newest members of the moderator team, Croat and Domo!

Croat of course led The Punisher tournament to great success; he's also been helping out with many things behind-the-scenes since before this. He's passionate about justice, which is a great quality to have for a moderator!

Domo is an all around good guy, liked and respected by his peers. I've been glad to get to know him a little over the last few months, and I know he really cares about the future of atWar.

Welcome and congrats!

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I'm pleased to announce that atWar Radio is finally back!


We will be Djing on this regularly, or we will once we figure out DJs and get a schedule going.

On top of this, there is a chat that you may use in the Radio tab; until we are able to add the Radio feature back in-game.

Want to become a DJ?

If you want to become a DJ for aw radio, message Alois. He will interview you and get you set up.

Credit to Dave for getting the code to work for this to be possible.


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